Chapter Book – Rainbow Magic

Second grade girls are a very diverse lot. Interests can range from earthworms to pop divas, but one thing most girls this age have in common is an everlasting love of fairies and all things sparkle. Enter Daisy Meadows, author of the incredibly popular Rainbow Magic series of books. Originally published in the UK, and slowly (at least in the minds of the “but I’ve already read the ones you have! Six times each!” girls) being released here in the US, the books have been a smashing success.

Kirsty and Rachel are two young girls who are enlisted by the fairies to help them defeat Jack Frost. Much of the magic of Fairyland stems from magical objects, such as jewels or feathers, which the malicious Jack Frost has his goblins steal in order to create mischief. Of course if all is not well in Fairyland, the effects seep over into our world as well. It’s up to Kirsty and Rachel to defeat the goblins, find the missing fairy and/or object and save the day!

Written as transitional chapter books, the series contains many pictures that can help newly independent readers create meaning. The books are probably not going to win any awards for high literature, but are excellent in terms of what they are: action-packed adventure that isn’t too scary and is almost guaranteed to make little girls beg “Can I just read one more chapter?” at bedtime.


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