Chapter Book – No More Dead Dogs

no more dead dogsWallace Wallace is not having a good year. His former best friend hates him. The entire school, refusing to believe that last year’s play was a fluke, is expecting him to single-handedly win the football season, and to top it all off, he’s flunking English because he told the teacher that he hated the teacher’s favorite book, Shep, My Pal, protesting that every book with a dog ends up with the dog dead.

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do. His teacher forces him to participate in the school play of – you guessed it, Shep, My Pal. Before you know it, he’s actually (gulp) enjoying himself by “improving” the script. But then the play is being sabotaged, he’s betrayed by his friends, and accused of ruining the school play. Wallace Wallace needs to clear his name, make amends with half the school, and ensure that his “new and improved” play is a hit. And fast!

Told through the viewpoints of several characters, including Wallace Wallace, a girl from the Drama Club, and Wallace’s teacher, No More Dead Dogs is a hilarious ride through middle school. Author Gordon Korman has written many books for young people – including his first novel, published at 14! – and he has a keen sense of both middle school politics and what his target audience will find amusing. Highly recommended.

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