Picture Book – I’d Really Like to Eat A Child

Book cover Achilles is a crocodile, more specifically, a baby crocodile. His parents urge him to eat all of his breakfast so that he will grow to be a big strong crocodile (sound familiar?) but Achilles is determined. He does not want  sausage, or cake, or bananas. The only food he will eat is child.  Fed up with his parents’ attempts to talk him out of this, he sets out to find a child to eat for breakfast. But when he finally manages to locate one, things turn out very different than how he had imagined.

This French import is whimsical and strange. While it will not appeal to all readers – some children may be upset by either the title or the way the little girl “plays” with Achilles – other children may be captivated by these same aspects. The book is not alarming however, featuring cute cartoon crocodiles and no actual child-eating. Several 4-8 year old children in the library consider this among their favorites, enjoying the slightly macabre theme. The story is clearly fiction – crocodiles do not eat bananas and cake, for one thing- and most children intuitively recognize this and are engaged in the humor of the book.

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