Picture Book – Clip-Clop

Clip-Clop coverMr. Horse offers to give barnyard animals a ride on his back. Before long Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck have jumped onto his back. Clip-Clop! They urge him faster and faster, until they fall off – into a convenient haystack. Mr. Horse is worried, but the animals are fine, and scream “AGAIN!”

The simple illustrations perfectly capture the glee with which the animals ride and run. Motion is easily seen. Reading this book with increasing tension in the voice as Mr. Horse runs faster and faster always leaves my young audiences hanging on the turn of every page.  Animals are often attractive to young children. And there are few, if any, children who can deny that to be thrown through the air to land in a haystack would not be high on their list of “fun” things to do. Adults can also relate to long-suffering Mr. Horse. There’s a good chance that it is not only Cat and Dog, and Pig, and Duck will be shouting “AGAIN!” at the end of the story.


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