Early Reader – Pup and Hound in Trouble

book cover“Uh-oh! Oh, no! Pup needs help!” is repeated several times as the mischievous Pup keeps landing in situations that require assistance from the large, and presumably older, Hound. Pup falls into the pig pen, jumps into the lake, angers geese, and teeter precariously close to the edge of the barn loft. Although he annoys many of the other farm animals, all is well in the end when Pup accidentally spills grain and feed all over the barn, resulting in an impromptu feast.

Pup and Hound will be familiar friends to early readers. Written by Susan Hood and illustrated by Linda Hendry, the dynamic duo is sure to please. Most pages feature two sentences and large, full-page, full-color illustrations. Children will delight in Pup’s antics, while adults will empathize with the harried Hound.

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