Chapter Book – Diamond in the Window

Edward and Eleanor live in a sprawling house with their aunt and uncle.   Now unpleasant neighbors who dislike the untidy nature of the house are conspiring to have it torn down, assuming that back taxes won’t be paid. Eddy and Eleanor are determined to find a way to save the house. In searching around the house, they discover a room they’ve never seen before an a decades old mystery. Years ago the two youngest members of their father’s family disappeared, along with Aunt Lily’s suitor. Mysterious clues lead Eddy and Eleanor to try to solve the mystery of where the three of them have gone, leading to a series of fantastical adventures.

Jane Langton’s first installment of the Hall Family Chronicles is an action-packed story filled with twists and turns. It has remained a classic almost fifty years after it was first written. The trials and situations Eddy and Eleanor find themselves in are imaginative and clever. The children must use their wits and their compassion to solve the series of riddles and overcome a malevolent enemy. This book is highly recommended both to fantasy fans and mystery lovers.


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