Nonfiction – The Art Book for Children

Children are drawn towards art far more than adults tend to expect. However, the static nature of just looking at a painting can sometimes lose a child’s interest. Enter The Art Book for Children which helps children learn to engage with a painting. Rather than simply showing a picture and giving some background information on the artist and his/her influence, the authors draw attention to aspects of the work, challenging the reader to engage with the work. Too often, children are left to the belief that art is just to look at. This book helps them renegotiate their relationship with art, forcing them to interact with the painting or sculpture in ways they may not have thought of on their own.

The book is filled with art of all periods and styles, from medieval paintings to modern sculpture and everything in between. There is not obvious organization, with various works from different time periods scattered throughout. The point being to look at the art for its own sake. The text, as befits a book focused on images, is brief and concise. Understanding why artists may have made certain choices is also addressed in the concise text.


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