YA – Hero

Thom has secrets, from the world, and, most especially, from his father. He and his father have had a close, but very complicated, relationship ever since Thom’s mother abandoned them several years ago. Further muddling things is the fact that his father was involved in an incident when Thom was little that now makes him the scourge and scapegoat of a society that idolizes super heroes. Thom knows that it would break his father’s heart to discover that his son not only possesses super-human abilities, but that he wants, more than anything, to accepted into the League. It would doubly break his father’s heart to find out that Thom is not just a super-hero, but a gay super hero.

But Thom is outed – both his powers and sexual orientation – through a series of events that often seem out of his control. When he accepts an invitation to try out for a position in the League, he is teamed up with hodgepodge of other talented people who may or may not be working towards the same goals he is. Meanwhile, a serial killer appears to be targeting superheroes. Thom wants to help solve the crimes, but is distracted not only be the continual appearances of a mysterious – and very handsome – unknown hero, but also by the sudden realization that his father would be at the top of any list of people with a grudge against superheroes ….

Although Hero gets off to a somewhat slow start, once the action starts, it rarely stops. Author Perry Moore draws a variety of characters, most of whom manage to rise above stereotype.  GLBTQ literature for teens tends towards realistic fiction. This title helps to bring inclusive, well-written books to the science fiction genre as well.

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