Young Adult – What Happend to Cass McBride?

When a book begins with one of the main characters stating that if he’s being questioned by the police then his victim must have died, you know that you’re in for a thriller. Cass McBride appears to have it made. She’s pretty, popular, and always in control. Kyle Kirby is a young man in a self-destructing spiral, outraged and grief-stricken after the suicide of his younger brother. He blames Cass. Determined for revenge, he embarks on a sadistic plan that may or may not kill Cass, but will certainly torture her. Can Cass, known for her poise and debate techniques, talk her way out of the situation? Is she guilty of driving David Kirby to his death?

The book is narrated by several different people, including Cass, Kyle, and the police officers trying desperately to find the missing girl. Interviewing everyone from parents to friends to enemies, the police get a complex picture of Cass that helps the reader decide, does Cass need to be punished, or is Kyle barking up the wrong tree? The suspense over why David did what he did, Cass’s role in his death, Kyle’s relationship with his family, and whether Cass will be saved before time runs out, makes this title by Gail Giles a page turner.

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