Picture Book – I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

What child has not delighted in being the best at something? In this story, a giant squid exults in the fact that he is extremely large. He points out all of the other sea creatures near him, declaring “I’m bigger than this fish/crab/shark!” His glory is short-lived, however, when an even larger whale swallows him whole. After a moment’s thought, however, he rallies, taking comfort in the fact that he is the largest animal in the stomach of the whale.

The oversized nature of the book, by Kevin Sherry,  fits in perfectly with the contents. The illustrations are sharp, with clear lines. Colors range mostly in the green and blue, with occasional oranges and reds. The pictures are very cute, capturing the exuberance of a young child in the form of a giant squid. A particularly amusing detail is found on the very last page, amongst the copyright information. A small fish timidly puts forth that he is “bigger than plankton”, proving that everyone of every size at some point finds a way to make themselves feel larger.


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