Early Reader – My “B” Sound Box

Jane Moncure has made a name for herself in the early reading community with her Sound Box Books. This, the first in the series, focuses on the letter A. It features a little boy named “Little a”, who has a box. He decides to put things that begin with the a sound in the box. Next follows his progress from ants to astronauts, all words with the short a sound. On the last page, the author introduces the idea that sometimes “a” says its own name, with a handful of words with the long “a” sound.

The sentences here are simple, as befits a beginning reader book. There are one or two sentences on each page. Every page also has a simple colored illustration. The pictures match the text, helping struggling readers to make meaning from the words. While the story is not exactly riveting, this is often the case with very simple early readers, and by comparison the story is fairly interesting.


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