Nonfiction – No-Cook Cookery

Children love crafts, and everyone loves to eat. So what better than a project that combines the two? Unfortunately, it is often difficult to do cooking crafts with children. Some parents worry about the possibility of being burnt. Others just don’t have time to both spend time – and when children are involved everything takes twice as long – to mix up the ingredients, and then also spend time waiting for the project to bake. To solve this problem we have books like No-Cook Cookery. The entire premise of the book is to create tasty and attractive treats that don’t need to be cooked or baked.

Each recipe has a clear ingredient list and a picture of the final product, which is sometimes a photograph and sometimes an illustration. Many of the carefully labeled steps are also illustrated. Each page includes a sidebar with interesting historical or cultural information related to the food item. Recipes include drinks, side dishes, lunches, and desserts.

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