Chapter Books – The Forgotten Door

When Little Jon wakes up in a cave in the woods, he is startled. He can’t remember how he got there, where he is, or even who he is. Desperate to make sense of the situation, he stumbles out of the woods to try and find something he recognizes. When a kind family takes him in until he can regain his memory, his anxiety eases, but his memory does not return.

At first the family does not know what to make of Little Jon. He doesn’t speak English at first, then suddenly knows the language. He has a strange empathy with animals. It doesn’t take long before they realize that Jon is telepathic – and my not even be human! Unfortunately, they are not the only ones to notice that Little Jon is different, and not everyone is ready to accept someone so clearly other.

The Forgotten Door is an old book, first published in the 1960’s, but the story is just as strong today. People in the twenty first century are just as likely to be kind and accepting, and, sadly, just as likely to panic and refuse to harbor anyone a little different from the norm. A mix of adventure and thoughtful speculation, the book will appeal to a wide variety of readers. Author Alexander Key has several other “older” books that are also of interest, and readers may want to search out his other works.


One thought on “Chapter Books – The Forgotten Door

  1. My son needs to do an ELA project on The Forgotten Door and out of all the required elementary school reading he’s gotten in the last six years this is the book I enjoyed the most. It kept my interest throughout and was a pleasure to read. (I read it ‘on the sly’ because I want to be sure his project is done thoroughly; most reading he brings home is pure tedium or pablum–this was terrific.) I highly recommend this ‘boy book’ to anyone who needs a solid read with a happy ending!

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