Picture Books – Mouse TV

The Mouse family loves TV. There’s just one problem: they can never agree on what to watch. Various members want to watch game shows, or mysteries, music or science. During commercials, the arguing gets so loud, they always wake up the baby. Then one day the television breaks. After giving it some thought, the mice decide to make their own entertainment, playing games, putting on mystery plays, singing songs and doing experiments. Best of all, there are no commercials!

This picture book manages to be funny and fun, getting its message across without being heavy handed or sounding preachy. Each page is chock full of images by author Matt Novak. During the television scenes, numerous screens are shown with various options, all of which are funny. For example the games screens include a Fear Factor-like show daring mice to get cheese from a trap, a basketball game in which it takes five mice standing on each other’s shoulders to equal the height of a basketball, and a ball throw with a cat’s face as the bullseye. Parents will be just as entertained as children by the amusing images.


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