Nonfiction – Belly-busting Worm Invasions!

Belly-busting Worm Invasions! Parasites that Love Your Insides revels in the gory details of parasite infections from tapeworms to leishmaniasis. With pictures on almost every page, quick quizzes to determine if becoming an infections disease doctor is for you, and a splashy, colorful presentation the book is extremely readable, and almost guaranteed to draw upper elementary and middle school students to it like bees to honey … or like guinea worms to warm water.

Information about three different parasites, their dangers, and how to treat them is given, presented in the form of a real-life case. Profiling a real person’s experience adds immediacy and a narrative-like format that should appeal to children. In addition to explaining the symptoms and treatment of three different parasites, the book also highlights the doctors and medical professionals who fight parasitic diseases. Information is given about the equipment used to study diseases and parasites. The career requirements and rewards of the profession are listed.

This book is one of a series called 24/7 Science Behind the Scenes. There are several subcategories, such as Medical Files or Forensic Files. Each book has a similar setup, with fascinating information in the form of “true-life cases”, lots of sidebars and extra information, and a very attractive book design, such that the overall package is sure to be a hit with the target audience.

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