Early Reader – Meet Mr. and Mrs. Green

Mr. and Mrs. Green are alligators (or possibly crocodiles – I never did learn how to tell the difference.) They are silly without being over the top about it. The fun comes from the story as a whole, rather than from frenetic pacing or outrageously ridiculous events. The couple engage in simple activities, such as camping or entering the fair. Their personalities are strong and consistent. Mr. Green loves food, is careless, and a bit naive. When told to bring food for a camping trip, he immediately thinks of s’mores rather than “real” food, and he later loses all of his flowers simply because he was not paying attention. Mrs. Green, on the other hand, is practical and down-to-earth. When she sets out to go camping, she makes sure they have all of their necessities.

The stories are for more advanced beginning readers. There are three “chapters”, each with a separate storyline. The chapters are about twenty pages long. Each page has a large illustration, and four or five sentences. The illustrations by author Keith Baker are bright acrylics. They generally supplement the story, simply reflecting what the text is already telling us, though in the chapter on the fair, they help to explain why Mr. Green no longer has any flowers.

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