Early Reader – Dinosaurs Meet Dr. Clock

Dr. Clock is very excited. He’s finally finished his time machine, and is ready to go back to observe the dinosaurs. He takes a sandwich and “important science stuff” with him. A scientist watches everything, of course, but Dr. Clock finds it is more difficult to take notes on the dinosaurs than he thought it would be – particularly when two dinosaurs begin fighting over him with little regard to his comfort. At last he is able to get back to his time machine. But in his hurry, he forgot to pay attention to the dials…

This early reader by Martha Weston is considered a “level 1” of the Holiday House Reader series. There are usually two or three sentences on each page, accompanied by colorful illustrations. The pictures support the story and add to the understanding of the text. For instance the single line “Dr. Clock found a dinosaur” is illustrated with a picture of a dinosaur picking up the doctor. The text often acts like the straight man, with the illustrations providing a punchline.


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