Early Reader – 100 Monsters in My School

Jane is the only normal child in her school, the Frank N. Stein Elementary. There are 100 monsters: witches, vampires, ghosts, and werewolves. But that is not the reason that Jane dreads the 100th day of school. She simply can’t think of anything to bring. All of her friends and classmates have something – from 100 bats to 100 fangs to 100 spooky stories. But Jane is at a total loss. Can she find something during lunch break?

This book is “station 2” in the “All Aboard Reading” early reader series, meaning that it is intended to be read by children who are reading with a little help. There are 5-8 sentences on each page. While succeeding as a beginning reader book, it also helps to introduce some basic math concepts. Every child has 100 things, but each child presents them in different groups. For example, 5 sets of 20 cat-related things or 10 sets of 10 types of fangs, or 2 cages with 50 bats each.

The illustrations are good. I particularly enjoyed the disgruntled expression on an annoyed witch-girl. The pictures are done in watercolor, and are fully colored, including a general background color. Small details, such as a skull-shaped doorknob or a venus fly trap on the windowsill are particularly well done.

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