Picture Books – Hi, Pizza Man

A little girl waits hungrily for the pizza man. To pass the time, her mother asks how she would great the pizza delivery if it is not, in fact a pizza man, but a pizza woman, or cat or dragon, or other progressively improbably suggestions. Finally, the pizza man arrives.

This simple tale never fails to entertain children, who love both the repetition of the text and and absurdity of the situations that are suggested. Author Virgina Walter and illustrator Ponder Goembel worked well together to produce this semi-classic book. The illustrations fill the entire page, with the pale yellow text placed on the painted “wall” next to the door. The animals are all silly, dressed in exotic or absurd clothing choices, and balancing the box of pizza in various places as befits their nature. This helps to keep the pictures from becoming monotonous, as does the varying size of the animals, from fairly small to overflowing the page. All in all, a satisfying picture book experience.

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