Picture Books – Uh-oh!

A toddler continually gets in trouble throughout the day, with series of accidents – and occasional “accidentally on purposes”. A bowl of cereal ends up on the head, attempts to get dressed without parental help end in disaster, the ice cream cone another child shares lands on the ground.

There is very little text, and no coherent story. A single word accompanied by a picture introduces a new period for the toddler, such as “ice cream”, then the next page features the words “uh-oh!” with a picture of how it all went wrong. The quick page turns this provides will appeal to toddlers and babies, who have short attention spans and often enjoy turning the pages of a book.

The illustrations, also done by author Rachel Isadora, were created using pastels. The soft look this provided perfectly match the tone of the book, a gentle and loving ode to mischievous young children. One or two of the figures seem unnaturally stiff, but the facial expression of the toddler are perfect, capturing exactly the exuberance and enthusiasm that is so prevalent at this age.


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