Early Reader – Tail of Little Skunk

Little Skunk is worried about Big Bear. All of his friends have a plan to escape – fly high, swim far, run fast. But Little Skunk knows that he cannot do any of these things. His mother assures him: when Big Bear comes, Little Skunk will know just exactly what to do. Of course, the next day, Big Bear shows up, and Little Skunk does what skunks do best, sending the bear running.

This book is “Mile 2” in the “Road to Reading” series. It is labeled “Reading with Help.” There are two-three sentences on each page. Most of the words are simple and short. There are few repeated phrases. The font is black on the colored background.

The illustrations by Michael Terry are colorful. They are mostly realistically done, showing animals in their natural environment. Although the character’s eyes are slightly larger and more cartoony than a real animals would be (as is common with children’s illustrations), the rest of the picture sticks to a natural look and feel. The pictures complement author Marsha Diane Arnold’s text, reflecting what is happening in the story.

(Note: If you are trying to find this book through the CLAMS library catalog, it is listed as Tail of the Skunk, instead of Tail of Little Skunk.)


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