Young Adult – STORM: The Infinity Code

Will is a loner, upset about the death of his father, and his mother’s immediate retreat to her Russian homeland, leaving him in the care of a family friend in London. He is also a genius, inventing amazing gadgets, largely for the fun of it. He is surprised and initially reluctant when he is recruited by Andrew, Caspian, and Gaia from his Advanced Work classes to join STORM, an organization of teenagers trying to make the world a better place.

But just improving the world quickly takes a backseat to actually saving the world, after Caspian’s father is kidnapped. A brilliant physicist, he is being forced to create a weapon that, if it does not work according to plan, contains the possibility of destroying the entire world. It’s a race to uncover the plot, using their genius intelligence and special abilities to save the globe.

This book is a fast ride, jumping from hectic moment to gasp-inducing scene. There is some token character development, but most of the characters remain one-dimensional: Will is the gadget-guy, Gaia loves explosives, etc. None of the kids think twice – or call home – before jumping on a train to St. Petersburg. Looked at from a purely adventure point of view, the book has some merit, possessing some page-turning suspense. The plot is a little thin in some places; too often there is a coincidental merging of characters with exactly the right skills or resources. However, fans of the adventure genre, and those who enjoy reading about characters who are smart and not afraid to admit it, will enjoy the book.

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