Early Reader – Baseball Ballerina

A little girl I’m going to call Kate loves baseball more than anything. But her mother wants her to be more girly, so she signs Kate up for baseball. Mary Anne – another baseball player, has also been signed up for ballet lessons, and at first the two girls commiserate with one another. But when Mary Anne is chosen to be the Dandelion Queen in the big recital, it seems to Kate that Mary Anne is starting to – gasp! – like ballet. All Kate can think about is what the boys on the baseball team will think when they find out she’s also a ballerina.

This is a Step Into Reading Step 2 book. Most pages have 3-4 sentences. There are three “chapters”, each one a few pages long. The pictures are colorful and support the text, appearing sometimes as figures against a white backdrop, and sometimes with colored backgrounds.

The implied gender roles – “Mom thinks baseball is for girls” – are subverted by Kate’s obvious love of baseball and distaste for ballet. While her either/or attitude might be a little disheartening, it’s also entirely realistic, and Mary Anne provides a character who is equally happy on the baseball field and at the ballet recital.


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