Picture Book – Dinosaur vs. Bedtime

A little dinosaur is convinced he can do anything. It’s Dinosaur versus a pile of leaves or a big slide or talking grownups. Roar, roar, roar, Dinosaur wins! But what about bedtime? Dinosaur is awfully sleepy….

As is so often the case with picture books, the illustrations are a key feature to the appeal of this book. Dinosaur is drawn with dark, frenetic lines, and colored in with a slapdash style that injects energy and movement into the drawings, perfectly matching Dinosaur’s over-the-top personality. The one mixed media photograph of spaghetti seemed a bit out of place in the context of the rest of the book, but not so jarring as to effect the general flow of images.

The plot is simple, almost nonexistant, but children do not seem to mind. They’re more attracted to the enthusiasm of the little dinosaur, or too busy roaring to care. What child doesn’t love the idea of “conquering” toothbrushing? My teeth are clean? That means I WIN! This book will be equally popular with story times and one-to-one reading.


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