Nonfiction – Knucklehead

Jon Scieszka, popular author, first National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and founder of the Guys Read phenomenon is often asked, “Where do you get your ideas?” He says that he still doesn’t know. . . but he suspects that growing up one of six boys might have had something to do with it. Reading Jon’s autobiography of “mostly true stories” about growing up, you can well believe it.

The stories in Knucklehead are, every single one, hilarious. From breaking charging their friends to watch the baby eat cigarette butts, to tying the babysitter up in the closet, to setting things (lots of things) on fire, the Scieszka boys were filled with action, and Jon manages to play every scenario for a laugh.

As much as I hate the phrase “this book would be great for reluctant readers”, I have to admit that, well, this book would be great for reluctant readers, particularly, though not exclusively boys. Jon himself has stated that his special mission as Ambassador for Young People’s Literature is to “reach the reluctant reader”, so I guess it’s okay to praise his book as being perfect for that particular subset. In addition to the book being very funny, the chapters are very short, three or four pages at most. There are lots of pictures, both of the boys themselves and inserts of report cards, post cards, or comic books.

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