Early Readers – Swamp Monsters

Two swamp monsters decide to play at being children, complete with child masks, when to their surprise a field trip arrives in the swamp. Realizing that the teacher is a substitute and won’t realize they aren’t supposed to be a part of the class, the monsters hop onto the bus as it leaves. Once at school, the monsters have a harder time fitting in, since they constantly misunderstand orders: one monster eats his “lunch” money, while another one, told to take his seat, picks up a chair. Eventually the monsters get tired of living like real children, and quickly head back to the swamp.

Although this book is over twenty years old, it still holds up as a favorite amongst children learning to read. The subtle humor of monsters pretending to be humans (instead of humans pretending to be monsters) coupled with the broader Amelia-Bedelia-like silliness means there is something for almost everyone to enjoy. As is true of many older titles, the colors are more subdued than are usually seen in modern titles, but this works very well, as much of the action is centered around drag swamp monsters.

This book is for more advanced early readers, with six to nine sentences on each page. Most two-page spreads have pictures on both pages and words on both pages, but it is not unusual for there to be one large picture with lots of text on the opposite page.


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