Early Readers – The Runaway Pancake

A family of hungry children begs for pancakes … but the first pancake gets up and starts rolling away. A chase ensues, with more and more people and animals going in to try to catch the pancake. But in the end, it is a wily pig is the one who manages to trick the pancake and eat him.

If you’re thinking this story sounds awfully familiar, you’d be right. The Runaway Pancake has many variations and versions, the most well-known to American audiences is generally that of the Gingerbread Man. This version is slightly different, and so the ending may come as a surprise even to children who’ve cut their teeth on the Gingerbread variation. Thus the book is not only an entertaining read, but could also be used as a jumping off point for a discussion on oral storytelling and the ways many traditional tales have more than one “official” version.

This book is an Usborne First Reading: Level Four. Most pages have two or three sentences. The paragraphs are indented and formatted using standard conventions. On most pages there are thought and/or speech bubbles adding extra information to the main text. Each page is full-color. The black text is usually, but not always, positioned in white space. The illustrations are engaging and colorful, with pictures that support the text.


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