Early Readers – Lulu and the Witch Baby

Lulu Witch does not like Witch Baby. Witch Baby takes all of attention and messes up Lulu’s things. So one day while Mama Witch is away at the market, Lulu decides to try casting a spell on the Witch Baby. It appears that the spell is successful, and at first Lulu is jubilant. But then she starts to feel bad about how much Mama Witch will be upset. She tries to reverse the spell. Can she do it?

This I Can Read book appears to be aimed at more advanced beginning readers. The 5-8 sentences on most pages. There are often two-page sections where one page has a picture while the other page is filled completely with text, although most pages have both text and a picture. No contractions are used.The illustrations are well suited to the story. The facial expressions clearly display Lulu’s quick travel through various emotions, and the Witch Baby is just the right balance of wicked baby and adorable baby.

The story is cute, and addresses jealousy issues that many children feel. I think Lulu’s emotional reactions to the Witch Baby, and her subsequent actions appeal to children. Some parents may take issue with the fact that Lulu says she “hates” the baby or that later she justifies not telling her mother that the baby was lost because it was “not really the truth. But it was not really a lie.” This is a situation many children have already experienced however, and those children will surely love this story.

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