Picture Book – One is a Feast for a Mouse

A little mouse scurries across the family’s post-Thanksgiving table to steal a single pea. “One is a feast for me,” he decides. But then he notices the cranberries … and olives … and, eventually, the entire turkey carcass. In his greed, he forgets to look out for the cat, but all turns out right in the end.

A cute addition to the Thanksgiving holiday bookshelf, this book manages to incorporate the message of not being too greedy without coming across as didactic or messagey. It’s pretty clear, after the first few additions to his pile, what is probably going to happen, as the illustrations and the text emphasize the precarious manner in which the ever-increasing pile of food is balanced on a single pea. In the end, the mouse is contented and happy with the single pea he manages to hold on to through the ensuing chaos after the cat enters the picture.

The illustrations are well done. I appreciated the little touches, such as having the mouse live inside a grandfather clock. While it doesn’t entirely make sense that the mouse would be wearing clothes and glasses, while the cat is just a normally furry animal, this isn’t something that will even be noticed by ninety percent of the book’s readers.


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