Early Readers – Thanksgiving Beast Feast

As many families across the United States sit down to their Thanksgiving meals today, we review a book with a holiday theme. Emily and Harry are looking forward to Thanksgiving. They learn about how the first Thanksgiving was giving thanks for all of the food that the Pilgrims were able to grow or hunt. Then they notice that the animals near their house have no food. They decide to create a Thanksgiving Beast Feast so that the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks will have a reason to celebrate as well.

This is a Holiday House Reader Level 2. The book indicates it is a good level for first and second graders, which seems about right. This is a more advanced early reader. There are three short chapters. Most pages have between four and eight sentences on them. While most two-page spreads have words and text on both pages, sometimes there is a picture on one page and the entire opposite page is filled with text.

The illustrations complement the text, reflecting what is going on in the words. While the illustrations do not have the same polish or level of mastery many other books showcase, they are still appealing. I do not think that the outfits the American Indians are wearing in scenes from the past are accurate reflections of the clothing that would have been worn at the first Thanksgiving, which is a shame.

This is a cute story, and one that emphasizes helping others during the holiday season.


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