Picture Books – Who Made This Cake?

Baking a cake can be quite the construction project, particularly with children. This book takes that theme literally, filling its pages with tiny workers who use construction equipment to “build” a cake. Cranes, forklifts, and other heavy machinery are used to put all of the ingredients together.

The illustrations are simple and spot-on. Any child with a construction obsession (and I know several) will be delighted to pour over the pictures of machinery at work. The little people are rendered simply, with minimal facial features. Some pages feature hundreds of the small people, each wearing a different combination of colored hat, shirt, pants, and boots. With their hats on, the people look essentially the same, but the endpapers feature a view of the little people running around without their hats, where we can see that they are both male and female, and that they have a wide variety of hair colors and styles. While the text is not terribly inspired, it doesn’t need to be: the thrill and excitement is in the illustrations.


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