Early Reader – Hooray for Fly Guy!

Buzz has the best pet: a fly named Fly Guy. Buzz joins the football team, and convinces the coach that Fly Guy should be able to play too, despite the fact that the little fly can’t hold the ball, catch the ball, or tackle. Unsurprisingly, Fly Guy sits the bench. Then in the last moments of the game, when a loss seems certain, one of the players is injured, and the resigned-to-a-loss coach lets Fly Guy play. But he and Buzz have a secret strategy that could win the game.

This is the sixth installment of the Fly Guy series, the first book of which one the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Award, which is given to outstanding books in the field of early readers. There are one or two sentences on each page. The illustrations enhance the text, adding more to the story. For instance the sentence “Fly Guy kicked the ball” is accompanied by duel illustrations of Fly Guy kicking, and then the ball falling over and landing on the tiny Fly Guy.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful, and fit perfectly with the tone of the book. An unusual method of scribbles underlying the main color of the illustrations gives the pictures an added dimension of texture.


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