Picture Books – Foggy Foggy Forest

What can this be in the foggy, foggy forest? A black silhouette lets the reader guess what might be coming up, then the page is turned to reveal the full color picture. The grey “foggy” parts of the page are actually translucent, just like a real fog would be, allowing a reader to see faint shapes from the pages ahead and behind, a small but marvelous touch.

The text is fairly utilitarian, creating rhymes that mostly make sense, but sometimes stretch the meter or rhyme. The illustrations are solidly good. The black silhouette’s are sometimes clear about what is happening, and sometimes purposefully tricky. The last illustration, a bright carnival, almost shines through the last foggy illustration, just the way that real lights do in a fog bank. The effect is fantastic.

The key here is the novelty of the title, it’s use of silhouettes and “fog” to keep the reader turning the pages. I suspect that children will be fascinated. Whether it will hold up to repeated readings will only be proven by the test of time. But since there are always new children to be surprised and intrigued by a fresh premise or novel use of paper, there will always be customers for this title in my library.


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