Early Readers – Biscuit’s Big Friend

Biscuit is a small puppy. He has a friend, Sam, who is a big dog. There are many things that Sam and Biscuit can do together, but Biscuit is too small for other games. But when the ball sails over the high fence, it is up to tiny Biscuit to save the day.

This is a a “My First I Can Read Book.” There are one or two sentences on each page, with someone sentences only one or two words (“Woof, Woof!”). The illustrations add to the text, allowing the reader to learn more by looking at the pictures. For instance, accompanying the text “Biscuit and Sam want to play tug” is a picture of large Sam playing tug of war with a little girl holding a rope while little Biscuit tugs at the girl’s shoelaces.

The illustrations are charming and the text is simple enough for even very beginning readers.


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