Picture Books – There are cats in this book.

There are, indeed, cats in this books. Three very enthusiastic cats, to be precise. The cats want to play with the reader, and frequently request that the reader turn the page, and thank the reader for “giving” them various items.

Filled with lift-the-flaps and general silliness, this book will surely be popular with younger children. I’m already assuming that it will be popular enough that I will need to worry about all of the flaps, and how they will hold up over multiple readings by enthusiastic little fingers.

The text is simple, but engaging. Mostly it involves the cats talking to the reader. It’s impossible not to think of the Pigeon books in the context of a “talk to the reader” book, but this title is very different, and works for different reasons. Since most of the pages are odd-shaped, allowing the cats and the reader to see what is coming next, the enthusiasm just builds and builds upon discovery and then realization of a feline thrills such soft pillows or bundles of yarn. I wish I had known about this book last month, because I suspect my nephew would have received it for Christmas.


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