Picture Books – Some Babies are Wild

Some babies are soft, some babies are rough, and some babies are up in the middle of the night – especially wild animal babies. There is nothing cuter than a handful of baby animals, from possums to porcupines.

The simple, mostly rhyming text is secondary to the illustrations. While most picture books use drawn pictures, this book is decorated with photographs of real baby animals. I know many children of all ages who will be more than happy to pour over these pictures time and time again looking at the cute baby animals.

In addition to the adorableness of the photos, there is some educational material included in the back. Young children will be satisfied with the basic text, while older children will probably be interested in the more detailed facts found in the aftersection. One detail that I especially appreciated was that the animals were labeled, not just in the after section, but also on each page as well. It’s subtle, but next to the page number is the colloquial name of the animal in the picture. This helps those of us who might be able to recognize a raccoon when we see one, but aren’t quite as sure about the beavers when you can’t see their tails.


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