Chapter Books – Charmed Life

Christopher Chant – known to his family as Cat – has had a difficult life up to this point. His parents were both drowned in a tragic accident when he was hardly more than a baby. Cat firmly believes that he only survived because he clung to his older sister Gwendolyn. As a powerful witch, Gwendolyn, of course, will not sink in water.

But life with Gwendolyn is hardly a picnic. She’s controlling and ambitious. It isn’t long before she’s got them both embroiled in a plot to invade Chrestomanci Castle and take on the head of magic himself. But Chrestomanci’s charms are far stronger than one would imagine, and Cat himself is starting to realize that his own lack of magic might not be a twist of fate, but might, instead, be the reason his sister possesses an excess of talent…

Diana Wynne Jones never fails to deliver a tightly plotted, fast-paced story, and this book is no exception. The world-building is excellent, with magical rules and repercussions to the world that make sense. There are several books about Chrestomanci, the person in charge of all magic in several dimensions, though almost all of them focus on the children Anyone who enjoys this installment is encouraged to read the others in the loosely-connected series.


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