Early Readers – Bookstore Valentine

Cobweb and the mice from The Bookstore Ghost are back in another adventure. Kindly Mr. Brown, owner of the book store is in need of help for the Valentine’s Day rush. His new assistant, Miss Button, is perfect for him, but they are both too shy to speak up. Can Cobweb and the mice help them out?

Background knowledge about the mice pretending to be a ghost to help boost sales in the bookstore is not required, although references to this may be lost if the reader is not already aware of the previous books in this series.

I was a little worried that children would not be terribly interested in what is essentially a romance between two middle-aged adults. But the intervention of the mice and Cobweb the cat give the book a playful air, and there is enough humor that I think it will appeal to children.

This is a Puffin Easy-to-Read Level 2 book. There are three or four sentences on each page. There are pictures on every page, often two page spreads with the words above the illustrations. The pictures reflect what is going on in the text. I particularly enjoyed the covers of books in the store, which had funny and appropriate titles displayed.


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