Chapter Books – Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat

Emmy’s life was going just fine until a distant uncle left her family millions of dollars. Now she’s miserable. Her parents have become jet-setters, who seem genuinely happy to see her when they arrive home from a trip, but who also set out for more traveling almost as soon as they arrive home, leaving Emmy with a horrendous nanny. At her new school no one seems to notice her – not even the teacher! The only interesting part of her day is listening to the classroom rat’s snide comments, and even that is less than satisfying, since Emmy has to worry that she’s going mad.

But then Emmy lets the rat out his cage, setting off an entire series of adventures. It turns out that the Rat is much more than even he realizes, and Emmy is quickly embroiled in the plots of sinister nannies and bumbling mad scientists.

While the book is largely plot-driven and filled with action, the characterizations are particularly keen. Emmy as a “good” girl who just wants to be noticed, and is able to delve into herself to find hidden reserves is very sympathetic and a character many children will identify with. The blustery Rat is hilarious and pathetic by turns.

The book is quietly humorous. While there are no laugh aloud moments, the entire book is filled with funny situations and wit. Children will absolutely love the book. I highly recommend it.


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