Picture Books – Just Like Bossy Bear

Bossy Bear lives up to his name. He is always telling people what to do. his best friend Turtle wants to be just like him. Of course, sooner or later Turtle will start copying Bossy Bear. Suddenly Bossy Bear is able to see how obnoxious his behavior is. Could setting a good example pave the way for Turtle to go back to good manners?

The colors are bright and the line drawings are appealingly simple. The expressions on the animal’s faces as first Bear and then Turtle try to boss them around makes it very clear that the animals are unhappy. My one concern is that once Bossy Bear turns over a new leaf, the animal’s expressions don’t change dramatically. It’s probably meant to show surprise that Bear is suddenly being friendly, but it could just as easily be misinterpreted as the animals continuing to be upset, regardless of what Bear has to say to them.

Overall, this is a very cute book, and I know many parents who will appreciate a clear and simple tale based on the theme of bossiness.


2 thoughts on “Picture Books – Just Like Bossy Bear

  1. The animals aren’t happy because even though
    Bossy Bear is saying nice things, he is saying
    them in a bossy way!

  2. Good point. That gives the book an extra level of complexity as well, since the discussion can then be broached about how being polite is about more than just the words that come out of your mouth, it’s also about how you say them.

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