Early Readers – Monster Town

Monster town is filled with monsters. Every day is a special Letter Day. On T day the monsters are encouraged to look around for things that start with T.

This is a Hello Reader! Phonics Fun book, recommended by the publisher for children ages 6-7 in Grade 1. There is one rhyming sentence on each page. The intent of the book is to have children recognize a particular letter, so the illustrations are filled with pictures of monsters engaged in activities that involve that letter. Some of these are acknowledged in the text, others are left for the child to find on his own.This book focuses on the letters T, M, S, and P.

One supposes that if the child could read the book on his or her own, then they have probably already mastered such basic phonic skills as s is for sock or sun. However, this book would be an excellent tool for younger children who have not mastered this skill yet, or for struggling readers who need a confidence boost by being able to find all the items.

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