Early Readers – Watch Me Throw the Ball!

The irrepressible Piggie and the more stolid Gerald are back once again in an easy reader tour de force. A skipping Piggie discovers a ball, and then learns that it is Gerald’s. When she begs to have a turn throwing the ball, Gerald says she doesn’t know how. Piggie is quick to correct him: “Have fun.” She proceeds to do this, and while the ball that she throws does not go very far, she certainly has a blast.

Like all of the books in this fantastic early reader series, there are one or two sentences on each page. The story is told entirely in the dialogue between Piggie and Gerald, with the words appearing in cartoon speech balloons color-coded to each character. No contractions are used.

The illustrations are one of the best parts of this series (although the text is generally quite funny as well.) The simple line drawings by Mo Willems are enchanting. The body language is extremely clear. One could almost flip through the book without reading any of the words, and still get a general idea of what is going on. The pictures of Piggie celebrating her ball throwing skills are priceless.


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