Picture Books – Funny Farm

It is Edward’s first visit to Hawthorne Farm. The Pug, dressed in a fine suit, at first seems out of place amongst his homespun cousins. But they “help” him adjust, and by the end of the day he is having a grand time.

The text is straightforward, a plain declarative sentence on each page. What makes the book fun is the illustrations, which diverge wildly from the text in unexpected ways. For instance on the page “Judy helps Edward feed the pigs”, we see Judy pushing Edward into the pigsty while the pigs laugh hysterically. When “Edward gathers eggs” we find a picture of a very nervous Edward running frantically from an irate rooster. Many pages are filled with small story pictures as well, such as a cricket spinning on a tiny wheel or robins feeding their young outside the dining room window. And of course the pigs are on almost every page.

While the youngest children may not get the joke, preschoolers will be giddily pleased at the humor.


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