Picture Book – Safari Animals

<img src=”http://contentcafe2.btol.com/ContentCafe/Jacket.aspx?UserID=CLAM18962&Password=CC47938&Return=1&Type=S&Value=9781934706190&erroroverride=1&#8243; align=”left”>Each page features the question “Who Am I?” followed by two clues (such as “I have black and white stripes” and “I can run fast”) before the final announcement (“I am a zebra!”) As the clues are read, the page folds back, revealing more and more of the picture beneath the flaps. With the final announcement, the page has been completely unfolded.

This will make a great read-aloud book. The only drawback is that I am fairly sure that children will be able to guess what the animal is based just on the front legs that are the first visible bit of the animal. The extra clues are almost unnecessary, though they are both fun and educational.

The illustrations are bright and simple, filled with vibrant color and thick line drawings.

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