Chapter Books – My Sister the Vampire: Switched

Olivia has just moved to town and is looking forward to joining the eighth-grade cheerleading squad. She loves pink and all things cheerful. Meanwhile, Ivy has lived in town all of her life. She loves black and is secretly a vampire. Imagine the girls’ surprise when they discover they are identical twins separated at birth!

This is exactly the sort of series that I would have eagerly read when I was younger. Long-lost relatives, switched identities, and vampires: What’s not to love for preteen girls? Despite the title of the book, which gives the surprise away, the big reveal that Ivy is a vampire does not happen right away, allowing the reader to feel superior as Olivia misses several clues about her sister’s dark nature.

The plot is both silly and contrived, of course, but that’s part of the charm of these sorts of books. As the first in a series about the two girls, it sets up a situation for changing relationships with their friends and family members, and introduces some mysteries that will presumably be solved in later installments. Despite the fact that the girls are in the eigth-grade, this is more of a tween book than one for middle schoolers, though older students will probably still have fun.


5 thoughts on “Chapter Books – My Sister the Vampire: Switched

  1. I read this book. i found the book very interesting. in the series, there is three books. the books are called switched, re-vamped and, fangtastic. if you enjoy switched, i would highly reccomend this series.These books are a great addition to your bookshelf.

  2. I love my sister the vampire i feel like i am one of them i have red book 1,2&3 several i don’t have book four but im looking forward to reading it.

  3. i wan’t so badly to get my hands on some new matirial and this sounds promosing though… anyone got any other selections?

    lov vampy23

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