Early Readers – Anakin in Action!

Anakin and his student Ahsoka are on a mission. They need to rescue Rotta, the baby Hutt. But enemy droids and the evil Ventress will do anything to stop the Jedi. Can they manage to escape and save baby Rotta?

This is a DK Readers Level 2 book, intended for children “beginning to read alone.” There are three or four sentences on each page. Every page is illustrated with what look like screen captures from the television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Most pages also have small information boxes that give one or two sentences of information about a specific topic, such as droid soldiers or Jedi Knights.

As a librarian, I can attest to the fact that young boys LOVE Star Wars. Turning the Star Wars adventures into early readers is a brilliant move. (Turning them into early chapter books for second and third graders is just as canny and money-making, I’m sure.) While this series is not the ultimate in carefully crafted text, it more than supplies its intended purpose, which is to get beginning readers excited to pounce into a book. While there are some words or vowel/consonant pairs that might be a bit difficult for an early reader, presumably the target audience will already be familiar with words like Ahsoka or droid or rancor.

I’ve stocked up on as many books from this series of Star Wars early readers as I could get my hands on. As I was pulling the new books out of the box I practically started a riot as a couple of first grade boys caught sight of what I was unpacking and immediately started laying claim to “first dibs” on the various books. So while it may not be likely to win a Geisel award, it will win you a zillion and one “cool” points if you put this book into the hands of your favorite Star Wars-loving first grader.

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