Early Readers – Twins Have a Fight

Androgynous toddlers find a wrapped box. Inside are two balloons. One twin immediately picks his color choice, to the annoyance of the other twin. They fight over the blue balloon until, inevitably, the balloon pops, at which point they abruptly switch to sharing the green balloon.

This is a Ready-To-Read Pre-Level One book. There is one three or four word sentence on each page. The text is rhyming. While the sudden change in attitude after the first balloon pops is unrealistic, most of the children struggling to read this book for the first time will not be bothered by this in the slightest.There is an entire series of Twins books intended for beginning readers.

The illustrations, which to my untrained eye appear to have been done with pencil and watercolor, appear on a white background. The twins are apparently identical, since they are differentiated largely by the color of their shirts. The illustrations are expressive and well-done.


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