Nonfiction – Teedie

Weak and asthmatic as a young boy, Teedie would grow up to become the famous – and famously healthy – Teddy Roosevelt. But before he was president, he was a sickly child who strengthened his body through sheer force of will, and continued to struggle with asthma even as an adult.

The first half of this book covers “Teedie’s” childhood, including his learning to box and becoming interested in the natural sciences. The second half briefly touches upon Teddy’s adult adventures as a soldier and, later, president. As is befitting in a picture book biography, few details are given about any specific time in his life.

As previously mentioned, this is a picture book biography, meaning that there are illustrations on every page, with only one or two paragraphs of information. While this lack of detail will make it inadvisable for school reports or a serious interest in Teddy’s life, young children will enjoy a “real story” about a famous individual, and may use the book as an entry into a historical period and biography of a man that continues to fascinate millions of people even decades after his death.

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