Early Reader – Annie and Snowball and the Cozy Nest

Annie and her rabbit snowball are delighted when a bird makes a nest next to the porch. After weeks of waiting, the robin’s eggs hatch!

This is a Ready-To-Read Level 2 book, which is intended for children “reading independently.” There are three or four sentences on each page, accompanied by a colored illustration. Dialog, parentheses, an ellipsis are used, but contractions are not. The book is divided up into four very short chapters. This is the fifth book in the series.

This is a companion series to the very popular Henry and Mudge series. While it irritates the tomboy in me to see that Henry is shown with untied shoelaces and blue jeans while his cousin Annie wears a wide selection of fancy poofy dresses, I know enough little girls this age that insist on such outfits that I have a hard time being a complete curmudgeon about it.

The story is simple and cute. While I noticed the Table of Contents listed chapters, I didn’t notice them while I was reading the book, since each chapter flowed very smoothly into the next. It is easy to see that, as the cover proclaims, the artist/author team has won numerous awards for their work.


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