Picture Books – Chicken Butt

“You know what?” “What?” “Chicken Butt!” This age-old exchange – most people over the age of eight would insist that it’s not actually a joke – is showcased in a new picture book, along with a variety of variations.

The bold colorful illustrations, done with acrylics and colored pencils, perfectly fit together with the silly, nonsensical text. Illustrator Henry Cole adeptly captures a father who, after tolerantly listening to his son’s sense of humor at first, begins to slowly become more and more frustrated with the nonsense, and the increasingly ridiculous activities his son (not to mention the chicken!) participates in. It is not hard to visualize the scenes of this book occurring all over the world as little boys find ever new and exciting ways to overuse a mildly funny joke.

But while the initial joke itself is only slightly funny, the book as a whole is quite a hoot. It will doubtless be enjoyed by legions of children for whom the mere title – Chicken Butt – will produce gales of laughter.


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